Below you will find an overview of the fees for our dermatological treatments.

Fee list

Treatment with botulinum toxin
Glabellar frown linesfrom 400 CHF
Crow’s feetfrom 400 CHF
Whole facefrom 900 CHF
Upper third of the face (frown lines/ crow’s feet)from 800 CHF
Hyperhidrosis (sweat treatment) axillary bds.from 800 CHF
Hyperhidrosis (sweat treatment) palmar bds.from 1200 CHF
Treatment with filler
Facial areafrom 700 CHF
Liquid Liftingfrom 1500 CHF
Thread liftingfrom 2000 CHF
Radio Frequency/Ultrasonic Ulthera
Whole facefrom 4800 CHF
Eyesfrom 2000 CHF
Neckfrom 2500 CHF
Treatment with Fractional Laserfrom 1000 CHF
Peeling performed by doctorfrom 1500 CHF
Microdermabrasionfrom 300 CHF
Laser treatment for light-aged skin
Red spots (Coupe Rose/Rosacea)from 400 CHF
Brown spots (Pigmented skin alterations,
age spots, sun damage
from 300 CHF
Spider veins
Foam sclerotherapy on a time and material basisfrom 250 CHF per session
Laser treatment according to expenditurefrom 350 CHF per session
Injection lipolysis / fat removing injection
Belly, Lovehandles, saddle bags, legs, arms, double chinfrom 500 CHF
Aesthetic consultation (30 min)
(is included within the following aesthetic treatment if this exceeds 800 CHF)
200 CHF

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