is a micronutrient mixture that revitalises and boosts hair growth. It contains 34 different ingredients in a 100% herbal matrix that is free of hormones, preservatives and harmful substances. POWERHAIR® is manufactured in Switzerland in compliance with the highest standards of quality.

The effectiveness of POWERHAIR® is based on the prerequisites for lasting healthy hair growth being the body’s own, well-stocked stores of vitamins, mineral nutrients, amino acids and micronutrients. Based on the premise that every person’s physical constitution, lifestyle habits and state of health is different, every POWERHAIR® nutrient mixture is adapted to meet the physical and genetic requirements of each individual.

All test persons aged between 20 and 84 have so far had success after 9 to 12 months of regularly taking POWERHAIR® in that they have seen a significant improvement in the density and quality of their hair as well as having a healthy, dandruff-free scalp.

We recommend taking POWERHAIR® with water, fruit juice or in yogurt. This allows the mixture to pass through the stomach without breaking down or losing any of its nutrients, and then be absorbed via the intestinal wall into the organism where it supplies the body’s own nutrient stores. The granulate has a natural orange flavour.