Longevity and biohacking: the opportunity to live longer and look younger

Longevity means living or lasting a long time. However, longevity research takes it a step further. The goal is to help people live longer and with more vitality. Groundbreaking advances in the fields of healthcare and medicine are making the vision of a longer, youthful life a real option.

State-of-the-art diagnostic methods allow a personalised glimpse into the future. For example, we can determine your biological age, which can differ significantly from your actual age due to physical and psychological factors. Risk probabilities for age-related illnesses can also be determined.

At the utoquai clinic, we offer comprehensive counselling services on this topic. Our experts are available to support you with all questions and options relating to longevity.

The influence of genes on health

Biological age can certainly be affected by customised longevity strategies. They change the way the body functions and reacts, which ultimately has an impact on health and longevity. Epigenetics plays a key role here. It deals with the circumstances under which certain genes switch on or off.

After all, genes are not an inevitable fate. Studies show that lifestyle adjustments can influence an estimated 1,200 of the approximately 1,500 active genes, and probably also the estimated 21,000 that are switched off.

Positive lifestyle changes, for example, in relation to

  • physical activity,
  • stress management, and
  • nutrition

switch on genes that combat diseases and in turn switch off genes that promote them.

Longevity diagnostics

Early diagnosis is the key to a longer life expectancy in perfect health. Innovative testing methods make it possible to assess potential health risks and make proactive changes before problems occur. Genetic testing and biomarkers are two pioneering areas of these diagnostics.

Epigenetic age test

An epigenetic age test measures an individual’s biological age and the functionality of genes associated with longevity. It also provides information on the effectiveness of behavioural changes at regular intervals.


Biomarkers are molecules in the blood that indicate a biological process. Among other things, they provide information about hormone balance, the supply of Omega-3 fatty acids or the NAD level, which affects important functions in the body and is crucial for a longer health span.

Collagen stability

Other tests determine collagen stability in the body and the composition of the microbiome in the gut. They allow conclusions to be drawn about biological ageing and indicate risks to physical and mental health.

The majority of these tests are self-tests that can be easily carried out at home and then analysed in highly specialised laboratories. The results describe the individual’s current state and serve as the foundation for personal longevity strategies.

Longevity strategies

Based on the test results, longevity experts draw conclusions that are suitable for everyday use. This process is also known as biohacking. The objective is to understand the body so precisely that the greatest possible physical and mental well-being can be achieved through targeted adjustments.

The strategies range from lifestyle adjustments to individual nutritional counselling, supplementation with highly bioavailable micronutrients, detoxification and orthomolecular infusion therapies. They also include measures such as cold, red light or oxygen therapy. Factors such as high spirits, an intact social environment or reduction of anxiety and stress are also important components of strategies for a longer, more youthful life.

Advice from our experts

Longevity counselling is the start of a very personal journey towards a more vital and happier lifestyle. As ageing is a multifactorial process, longevity medicine combines the best practices from different fields and constantly updates them. With an understanding of health as a holistic state of well-being and personalised rejuvenation strategies, this field of medicine works to maximise longevity in the best of health.

It is now combined under the umbrella of the Zurich-based utoquai clinic, where Dr Stefan Duve brings together longevity diagnostics, advice and treatments to form the Longevity Competence Centre.

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