Founded in 1997, clinic utoquai has been one of the world’s leading centers for aesthetic surgery and medicine for many years. The day clinic is located in the heart of Zurich on Utoquai 41 and covers more than 1250 square meters over 5 floors. Currently, the clinic offers the entire spectrum of aesthetic surgery (breast, face, nose, eyes, body, own fat, ears, intimate surgery), dermatology, cosmetics, nutritional therapy and treatment of hair loss in 13 treatment rooms, 6 patient rooms (outpatient stay, if you wish inpatient treatment, this can be made possible at any time by contract clinics in our vicinity), 5 consultation rooms, 3 waiting rooms and 2 operating theatres. Specialists (board certified doctors, beauticians, nutritionists, etc.) are involved in each area with passion and the utmost discretion in order to achieve the best possible aesthetic result for body and soul under the holistic aspect. The clinic utoquai has the most modern equipment and the cutting-edge technologies (lasers, ultrasonic knives, power tools, diamond rhinoplasty, etc.) that are used to treat its customers.

The clinic is easily accessible by car and public transport. On request, a limousine service is also available, which can also discreetly accompany you to the clinic utoquai via a rear entrance. For foreign customers, there is also a direct shuttle to the airport on request.