Ear Lobe Correction


Damage to the ear lobe is increasingly commonplace. A defect to the lobe can occur in the ear lobe region due to loss of skin elasticity, infection in pierced holes, the number of pierced holes in any individual lobe, or otherwise being torn by ear-rings.

By excising and closing the defect, an otoplastic reconstruction minimises any disruptive appearance to the lobe and the original ear lobe shape can be restored.

At a Glance

Medical Term: Ear lobe reconstruction

Type of Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia

Surgery time: 30-90 minutes

Length of hospital stay: Outpatient

Aftercare: suture removal after 7-10 days

Back to public: After 1 day

Back to work: After 1 day

Time of recovery: 2 weeks

Fees: starting at 800 CHF


Reconstruction of the earlobe can generally be performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia. Incision is made in the ear lobe to reconstruct or close open deformations as desired. Depending on the extent of the defect a local excision with primary wound closure or even an additional local flap reconstruction is needed. Scars are placed the way that after completed healing they are almost invisible.


Complications after ear lobe reconstruction are very rarely observed. As like every surgical procedure postoperative bleeding, infection and wound healing problems may occur. As with any incision, on rare occasion irritation may occur and you may experience slight swelling around the corrected area.

Post-Op Care

If you need to have a new hole pierced in the lobe, we recommend to wait for a healing period of at least 90 days following your procedure. Skin tapes and stitches are removed after 10 – 12 days and all swimming based activities should be avoided until the stitches have been removed in minimise potential infection or weakening of the stitched area.


Reconstruction of the earlobe can vary widely dependent upon the patient, condition of the skin, tissue and cartilage and so forth. The overall fee is based on the type and extent of the surgical procedure performed (excision, local flap, regional flap and so forth) and if done under general- or local anaesthesia. After detailed analysis of the defect and planning of the adequate surgical procedure during the preoperative consultation the costs are discussed with you in advance.

Price for ear lobe correction: from 800 CHF

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