Non-surgical / minimal-invasive nose job


Generally a professionally performed rhinoplasty outclasses the exclusive application of filling materials. Despite the limited indication the injection of body’s own fat (microfat or nanofat) as well as the application of delicately minced cartilage (“free diced cartilage”) occasionally represent a good supplement or even an alternative.

During almost every conventionally performed nasal rhinoplasty the application of cartilage or fat is used for definite refinement at the end of the surgery. Thereby, for example microfat or diced cartilage from the nasal septum (ear or rib) is used for volume augmentation or camouflage of irregularities. Generally, these two methods present a permanent solution. Additionally the so called nanofat can be applied for improvement of skin and scar quality. The use of hyaluronic acid is only a temporary alternative to volume augmentation, but may be used previuos to permanent solutions such as fatgrafting and cartilage tissue, in order to visualize to the patient the possibly expected result.

At a Glance

Medical Term: Minimal-invasive Nasal Correction, Nasal Correction with Hyaluronic Acid or Fat

Type of Anesthesia: Local anesthesia, no anesthesia

Surgery time: 30-90 minutes

Length of hospital stay: outpatient

Aftercare: Occasionally taping for few days

Back to public: After 24h

Back to work: After 24h

Time of recovery: Few days

Fees: starting at 900 CHF


Minimal-invasive or non-surgical nasal correction is considered as a rather painless procedure and is generally performed on an outpatient basis under anaesthesia or in cases wih hyaluronic acid or lipofilling in local anesthesia. Generally, for the use of fatgrafting and diced cartilage two small incisions to the inside and one at the outer columella of the nose are made in order to avoid any visible scars. During classical rhinoplasties no additional incisions are made for injection. The injection of fillers is directly made from outside using a delicate canula which is pierced through the skin, thus no visible scars are remain here, too.


Severe complications are very rare after non-surgical nasal corrections. Temporary redness and swelling at injection site may occur. In rare cases an additional treatment with fillers may be required to achieve the desired volume and contour.

Post-Op Care

Minimal-invasive nasal correction requires taping only, thus a cast can be avoided. Is the application of diced cartilage part of a classical aesthetic rhinoplasty, of course it has to be adhered to the usual post-op care. The exclusive application of fat or hyaluronic acid fillers is associated with a very short down-time, which allows a return to the job within 24 hours.


The costs for lipofilling procedures or hyaluronic acid fillers are based upon the extent of the treatment and the amount of injection. Fees are discussed in detail prior to the procedure. Corrections within the first few weeks after initial treatment with fillers are often included within the initial costs.

Price for non-surgical / minimal-invasive nose job: from 900 CHF

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