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Thinning hair or hair loss are not welcome phenomena that can occur in both men and women due to hormonal changes, diseases or genetic inheritance.

In most cases, however, men are affected. For a long time, the only option here was to replenish the hair density by means of costly hair transplantation. In the meantime, however, various minimally invasive alternatives in the field of hair therapy have been developed. At clinic utoquai we offer, among other things, the Korean hair filler method (Dr. CYJ Hair Filler). This method stimulates hair growth by means of injections.

At a Glance

Technical term: Haarfiller, Dr. CYJ Hair Filler

Type of anesthesia (anesthetic): Anesthetic cream

Duration of the procedure (treatment): 15 to 30 minutes

Hospital stay: outpatient

Aftercare: none

Fit for social life: immediately

Fit for work: the following day

Rest period: none


We start the treatment with local anesthesia of the area. For this purpose, we apply a light anesthetic cream. After the anesthetic has taken effect, several injections are made into the disinfected scalp at intervals of about one centimeter. Bald spots or thinning hair in general can be treated. The patented filler contains seven peptides, which work together to stimulate growth-promoting microcirculation of the tissue. As a result, further hair loss is stopped and the remaining hair follicles are replenished. As a result, there is a visible improvement within the next 10-15 days. Depending on the findings, about 3-4 treatments should be performed at intervals of 2 weeks each.


The hair filler is extremely gentle on the skin. Risks such as allergic reactions to the active ingredient occur only in the rarest of cases and are discussed in detail during the initial consultation between dermatologist and patient.


There are no rest periods for the patient after the application. The patient’s ability to socialize is restored immediately and he or she can return to work the following day. In order not to compromise the results, the hair should not be washed on the day of treatment, and sports activities should be avoided.


As with any injection treatment, the cost of the application varies greatly depending on the findings, the resulting extent of the minimally invasive procedure and the number of sessions. All costs incurred will of course be discussed and agreed upon in advance. Since this is a purely aesthetic procedure, it is not covered by most health insurance companies.

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