Penile Lengthening


The length of the penis is a symbol of masculinity for many men. However, only about 50% of the penis is visible, with the other half inside the body. Through a surgical lengthening procedure, several centimeters of the invisible part of the erectile tissue can be shifted outward, becoming visible. For many patients, this can result in increased self-confidence and improved sexual function without compromising functionality.

At a Glance

Medical term: Penile Lengthening Surgery

Type of Anesthesia: light anesthesia or general anesthesia

Surgery time: 30–60 minutes

Length of hospital stay: Outpatient

Aftercare: Local cooling

Back to public: After approximately 2–3 days

Back to Work: After approximately 3–4 days (depending on physical exertion)

Time of recovery: Approximately 4 weeks

Fees: From 4,000 CHF


During penis lengthening surgery, ligaments that anchor the penis to the pubic bone are cut. This shifts a part of the internal penis forward, making it visible. Since the penis is stabilized by various other ligaments, there is no loss of firmness, ensuring a sustainable increase in the visible part of the penis.

Potential Side Effects

After the surgical procedure of penis lengthening, undesired incidents or complications are rare. In isolated cases, there might be bleeding or infections within the first few days after the procedure. Swelling in the pubic area is usually temporary and typically resolves on its own. Since sensitive areas are treated in intimate surgery, there might be temporary sensations in the penis, which fade away after a few weeks.


Following a penis lengthening operation, a rest period of about a week is necessary. Sports and bathing are allowed after 3 weeks post-operation. Additionally, sexual activity should be avoided within the first four to six weeks. Showering is possible from the second day after the low-pain procedure, but the use of soap in the genital area should be avoided. Usually, self-dissolving stitches are used.


Surgery costs can vary widely dependent upon the patient, skin quality, fat distribution as well as from the number of additional surgical procedures needed. Any necessary additional procedures, such as liposuction in the pubic area, additional thickening of the penis with autologous fat, or circumcision, influence the fee. All incurred costs, including surgery, anesthesia, and stay, are discussed and settled in advance in our clinic. Therefore, there are no unexpected costs for you. Insurance coverage is exceptional, only given partially in rare medical conditions. Generally, penile lengthening is considered aesthetic and is not covered by health insurance.

Price for Penis Lengthening: From 4,000 CHF

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