The musculature is exposed to countless strains every day, which do not pass it without a trace. Overstraining after a long working day often results in back pain and a stiff neck. A professional massage in the clinic utoquai not only helps with muscular pains but also with many other unpleasant, painful and pathological changes.


Classical Massages

In a relaxed atmosphere we offer massage therapies by our specialists on request. In this way, deep-seated tensions can be relieved and blood circulation promoted with targeted movements.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is one of the gentlest of all massages with deep cleansing of the connective tissue. Gentle stroking and circular massage strokes promote the flow of lymph and thus the elimination of debilitating deposits from the tissue. In the clinic utoquai, lymph drainage is also often offered as an adjunctive therapy after surgery to accelerate the regeneration phase and avoid sticky and bulging scar tissue.

We will be happy to discuss with you in a prior consultation which treatment is most suitable for our patients. Here we can get an initial idea of the symptoms and develop a treatment concept tailored to them.


Lymphatic drainage and classic massages not only help to cleanse deposits and alleviate the symptoms of persistent pain, but also successfully treat diseases of the skin, the musculoskeletal system or even psychological stress.

Preventive massage is also recommended to prevent any discomfort.


If there is a physical illness or recurrent muscle tension, the health insurance often covers the costs. In many cases, treatment is prescribed by a general practitioner.

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