Upper Eyelid Tightening


Wrinkles, saggy eyelids or bags under the eyes form when the skin and the muscles of the eyelid lose their elasticity.

To correct this, we remove excess skin and fatty tissue to reverse visible signs of aging and restore the natural shape of your eyes and your individual expression. While the tightening of excess skin around the eye is often creates a visibly more youthful and fresh look and appearance, actual elasticity of the skin itself cannot be regained using surgery.

At a Glance

Medical Term: Upper Blepharoplasty

Type of Anesthesia: Local or light Anesthesia

Surgery time: 30-60 minutes

Length of hospital stay: outpatient

Aftercare: Suture removal after 1 week, special plasters

Back to public: After 1 week

Back to work: After 2-3 days

Time of recovery: 2 weeks

Fees: starting at 4.500 CHF


Upper eyelid Blepharoplasty can be performed on an outpatient basis with light anesthesia, or under local anesthesia if preferred. On the upper eyelid, we mark out the areas of skin and fatty tissue to be removed and make an incision along the fold of the skin in order to make the scarring almost invisible. After closing the wound, we protect the incisions with skin-friendly, skin-coloured adhesive tapes in order to minimize discomfort and unwanted visual attention during your recovery.


Full range of vision is immediately restored and there should be no pain. Incidents and complications are extremely rare in blepharoplasty procedures. However, on occasion, a patient could experience “dry-eye symptom”, bleeding or rarely infection. These can be treated with the appropriate eye drops and care. In extremely rare cases, where post procedure complications have been experienced, normal closure of the eyelid or the flow of tears may be impaired. In such event, both will return in most cases with the appropriate tear drops and massage to normal as swelling subsides.

Post-Op Care

Any swelling and discoloration caused by bruising in the upper and lower lid and cheek area will recede and diminish within 7 – 14 days. During recovery, cold packs will bring down any swelling and regular eye drops (3 x 1 per day) are prescribed and used to moisten and maintain the eyes. Skin tapes and stitches will be removed approximately 5-7 days post-surgery usually completely painless.


As with any cosmetic procedure, blepharoplasty surgery costs can vary widely dependent upon the patient, condition of the skin, degree of deposit and so forth. Our fee is based on your individual doctor’s experience, the type and extent of the surgical procedure performed and if done under general- or local anesthesia. Naturally, all surgical fees are discussed, agreed and paid in advance and include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses. In general, most health insurances do not cover cosmetic eye lid surgery as the procedure is viewed as aesthetic. In rare cases, where vision might be reduced due to massively excessed skin tissue insurances my pay part of the procedure.

Price for upper eyelid tightening: from 4.500 CHF

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