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In intimate surgery, patients’ desire for flawlessness is becoming increasingly strong. This is due in part to the intimate shaving that many women and men practice, which makes it easier to reveal abnormalities in the intimate area.

In addition to labia reduction, labia augmentation is also an increasingly popular procedure in aesthetic and plastic surgery. In this case, affected women usually want an enlargement of the labia majora, as these can appear flabby with increasing age or due to other influences, such as an injury to this area of the body or genetic predisposition, and should be given more fullness again. The outer labia run from the mons veneris towards the anal region. Blemishes on the “labia majora” are also perceived as particularly disturbing by those affected because they represent the large, outer area of the vulva.

At a Glance

Technical term: labia correction/lipofilling

Type of anesthesia: local or general anesthesia

Procedure duration (operation time): 10-60 minutes

Hospital stay: outpatient

Aftercare: local cooling and pads, self-dissolving sutures

Fit for social life: after approx. 2-3 days

Fit for work: after approx. 3-4 days (depending on physical strain)

Rest period: approx. 4 weeks

Cost: from 5.000 CHF


During labia augmentation, local anesthesia is administered, as the procedure is minimally invasive and local anesthesia is therefore sufficient.

If the labia minora are too small, a lipofilling can be performed in a less invasive way in order to achieve an appropriate volume permanently. In this case, the fat, which is removed from another part of the body by liposuction, is injected through very fine incisions (cuts) with special gentle cannulas. For optimal aesthetic results, the shape of the labia is individually corrected or reconstructed. No scars should be visible after healing.

What risks can occur during labia correction?

Complications are extremely rare after labia augmentation. In the first few days, secondary bleeding may occur in isolated cases, with the risk of infection. In addition, swelling and skin bleeding are possible after-effects, but these are of a temporary nature. The treatment may also cause minor residual swelling, but this disappears after a few weeks.


After the operation, no sports or other physically strenuous activities should be performed for the following six weeks. The intimate area should be spared and heavy sweating avoided. In addition, excessive moisture, such as in saunas, while bathing or at the spa, should be avoided. Sexual intercourse should also be avoided for the first six weeks.

Since absorbable suture material is used for labia augmentation and the precisely placed small incisions, no suturing is necessary. From the second day after the operation, showering is allowed, avoiding soap in the pubic area. Care should be taken here when drying with a towel on the freshly operated outer labia. In addition, rubbing should be avoided within the following ten days.

What costs can you expect for labia augmentation?

As with any cosmetic procedure, the cost of the treatment can vary greatly. Therefore, the cost of labia augmentation also depends on the individual patient and the condition of the skin, tissue and fat distribution. Necessary additional procedures such as the adjustment of the clitoral hood or a correction of the mons veneris by lipofilling are also included in the cost of the procedure. It goes without saying that all costs incurred, i.e. for the operation, anesthesia and stay, are discussed in our clinic and settled in advance. This means that you will not incur any unexpected costs.

In most cases, health insurance companies do not cover the costs, since labiaplasty in the form of an enlargement is considered aesthetic. Only in extreme cases the health insurance will cover part of the cost of the operation.

Price for labiaplasty: from 5.000 CHF

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