There are a thousand diseases,
but only one health.
Ludwig Boerne


Longevity & Health

The clinic utoquai unites the different areas of beauty, health, dermatology, nutrition and surgery under one roof. This should ensure that customers are offered an optimal environment through a holistic view and approach to enter the path to inner and outer satisfaction.

Our concept is therefore based on the 4 pillars (plastic surgery, dermatology, cosmetics and health) based on the foundation of science. In nutrition therapy we pursue a philosophy which combines scientific and naturopathic findings and therefore allows an individual deviation from generally valid nutritional recommendations. We follow the LOGI pyramid and leave room for constitutional deviations and the influence of anti-inflammatory foods, spices and herbs. Nutrition is part of a complex therapeutic procedure that also takes into account the functions of the detoxification organs liver, kidney, lymph and intestines. Health should be created from within and taking into account modern social development. Together we look at the profound influences of nutrition, stress, exercise, psyche, medication, regeneration and environmental influences and enable an optimization of your physical and mental performance through therapy.

A detailed anamnesis, supported by selected laboratory analyses, enables us to assess your metabolic situation. Together we develop a personalized therapy proposal that lasts for 3-6 months (correspondingly longer in chronic conditions). This includes recommendations on nutrition, dietary supplements, herbal supplements and lifestyle changes that rebalance your metabolism. This regulation of the metabolism has a positive influence on various clinical pictures and your personal quality of life.

The therapy should be gentle and sustainable and is based on 30-45 minute consultations every 3 - 4 weeks. We take the time to get to know you fully as a person and are happy to invest 60 - 75 minutes for the first consultation. Changes towards health and well-being are often associated with changes in life. We accompany you on your personal path and show you the different directions we can take together with our expertise.