Hair growth concept

Since hair roots and hair follicles have a high metabolic activity and the body produces up to 30 m of hair per day, not only external factors but also influences from within, i.e. nutrition, are important.

Sufficient supply and intake of proteins, calories, trace elements and vitamins is a basic requirement so that hair growth is not disturbed and hair follicles can function normally.

During the discussion and analysis, UtoClinic offers different approaches to optimize the nutrition.

  • General nutritional supplements for stronger hair
  • Individualized composition of active ingredients after a blood count analysis and personal consultation with our metabolic experts for oral intake or as an infusion via a vein access (iv drips, infusion therapy)
  • An analysis of the genes and the epigenetic changes represents the next step in order to better assess your predispositions and metabolic situation and to specifically strive for an improvement.

Usually, different treatments are combined to achieve an optimal result and stop hair thinning and hair loss, with the scalp also playing an important role. Thus, these are hair treatments, which run for several months.

Thus, PRP treatment can be combined with infiltration of active substances tailored to hair. During the collection and preparation of blood for PRP treatment, vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and other nutrients can be injected directly in the area of hair follicles using mesotherapy. This is performed 4-6 times at an interval of approximately 1 month.

With the direct application of a serum (Tricocure, Beauty Full Hair) to the scalp, you can improve blood circulation and oxygenation of the hair follicles, and in an intensive course of treatment during a month, 1-2x/day, you can increase cell growth with these natural vitamins and minerals. After the treatment we recommend to perform the care 1x a week.

Together with the nutritional supplementation/optimization, your hair will thus be optimally cared for locally and systemically – from the inside and outside – so that it becomes healthy and strong again. If you opt for a personalized analysis of your metabolism or even genetic and epigenetic conditions, you have the added benefit that the treatment goes beyond hair (and nails) and can promote overall health (anti-aging).

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