Macrofat consists of larger particles of subcutaneous fat tissue that are harvested with a liposuction cannula that has perforations of 3 mm – in contrast to microfat with perforations of <1 mm. This fat is mainly used for treatment of the breast and buttocks with the primary goal of volume augmentation.

After liposuction the harvested tissue is prepared for transplantation by sedimentation and centrifugation that aim to separate the tissue to be transplanted from the other components (local anesthesia, tumescent solution). Usually approximately 50-60% of the transplanted fat remain permanently the rest is resorbed by the body. This take rate may be improved by the use of modern techniques that are used in the clinic utoquai. Depending on your individual demand, it may be necessary to perform more than one session of fat grafting to obtain the desired result.

At a Glance

Medical Term: Macrofat Transfer, Lipofilling, autologous fat grafting

Type of Anesthesia: Local or full Anesthesia

Surgery time: 60-120 minutes

Length of hospital stay: outpatient

Aftercare: Suture removal after 1-2 weeks, special plasters, compression garments

Back to public: After 1 week

Back to work: After 1 week

Time of recovery: 3-4 weeks

Fees: starting at 8.000 CHF


Fat grafting is a minimally invasive procedure and is basically performed on an outpatient basis under a light general anesthesia.

Fat harvesting and infiltration are performed through small incisions that leave only hardly noticeable scars.


The first few days are marked by hematomas and muscle ache-like pain at the harvest site. After autologous fat grafting with macrofat only a few bandaids are necessary that can be removed after a few days. Compression garment is necessary for the harvesting areas as in a conventional liposuction without fat grafting.

Serious adverse events and complications are rare with fat grafting.

Postoperative care

The down-time is usually short with this minimally invasive procedure. Professional activities can be resumed after 1 week and work-out/fitness after approximately 3-4 weeks. Over the first 6-9 months approximately 40-50% of the transplanted fat is resorbed by your body, the volume remaining after this period is permanent and stable.


As with any cosmetic procedure, costs can vary widely and depend on the extend of the planned procedure in terms of amount of transplanted fat and regions to be treated. The fees are preoperatively discussed and agreed with you. It is a flat rate including the entire procedure and follow-up examinations. There are no unexpected costs for you possible.

In general, most health insurances do not cover cosmetic surgery and fat grafting, which is mainly performed for aesthetic reasons.

Price for macrofat transfer: from 8.000 CHF

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