SOS Haut


After careful consideration and long hesitation, you have decided to undergo plastic surgery? After extensive research, have you finally found the right surgeon for you? Now the operation, for which you have spent a lot of time and money and in which you have placed great expectations and hopes, has not brought the hoped-for result? You are not satisfied with the result? It’s not what you imagined and promised? You even have the feeling that the operation has been “botched” or “messed up”?

The first step in this case is always to seek clarification with the pre-treating surgeon first. Nobody is perfect and most certified plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgeons will be willing to perform corrective surgery if possible or necessary.

Unfortunately, however, there are situations where communication has not worked or confidence in the treating physician no longer exists?

In such cases you may contact us. Due to many years of experience and high specialization of the doctors of the clinic utoquai, we are also prepared for these situations and previous histories. This does not mean that every plastic surgery always leads to 100% of the ideal result, but if the result is not satisfactory, your surgeon should always offer you an adequate solution. Often a problem can be solved by a simple revision surgery. Unfortunately, however, there are also results which, due to a lack of professionalism or knowledge, end in a personal total disaster for the patient. Here we take our time for you. During our SOS consultation, the respective specialist of our team rolls up the case in detail, prepares a second opinion and offers various possible solutions for surgical or non-operative correction. In very complex cases, cooperation with several specialists of the clinic utoquai and our partners may be necessary, so that the surgical correction can also be carried out together with other specialists.  In addition to their long-time experience in the field of aesthetic surgery, our plastic surgery specialists also have extensive experience in the entire spectrum of reconstructive and restorative surgery (microsurgery, etc.). Thanks to the extensive experience of our highly trained specialists, we are able to help you even in seemingly hopeless situations. The clinic utoquai is one of the leading centers for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Make an appointment by telephone, online booking or video consultation for failed operations and let us help you with SOS (Secondary Optimizing Surgery).