In the lower lid region mostly the obtruding fat tissue deposits appear as puffiness in and bags under the eyelid. In what extent an upper lid tightening is necessary also depends on the position of the eyebrows, which should always be included in the preoperative analysis. In some cases a combination of both a brow lifting (browplasty) and an upper eyelid tightening (upper blepharoplasty) is required to achieve the best possible aesthetic result. During lower eyelid tightening (lower blepharoplasty) skin is removed to a much lesser extent, whereas more often fat tissue is removed, repositioned and even combined with fat grafting (Lipofilling with Microfat or Nanofat) known as Composite Lower Lid Blepharoplasty.

In the clinic utoquai you will be thoroughly informed about the procedure, potential complications and the feasibility during the consultation by our specialists for eyelid surgery (PD Dr. med. Farid Rezaeian and Dr. med. Enrique Steiger).

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