In order to guarantee a holistic approach, an interdisciplinary treatment plan is elaborated with a team of nutritionists (counseling, body fat analysis, individual fat burning program etc.) before and after the procedure. In addition, lymphatic drainage and an improvement of your skin quality with medical cosmetics and regenerative medicine are offered.  So, it is possible to obtain ideal conditions before the intervention and the best possible and long-lasting result. At the clinic utoquai you are counselled by our specialist about the intervention, potential complications and the realistic results to be expected.

Most body contouring procedures concern a specific area of the body that can be targeted with a single intervention or a combination of different techniques, e.g. after massive weight loss (post-bariatric surgery, body lift). The following is a description of the different surgical techniques and procedures to solve your problem with. Basically, the underlying conditions for a body contouring procedure can be divided in a situation with excess skin or excess fat. The first is addressed with a skin tightening procedure with removal of excess skin and the second with a reduction of fat tissue, usually with liposuction.

The aim of the so-called lipoplasty, which is a technical refinement of liposuction and fat grafting, is to improve (beautify) a “normal” body by remodeling and redistributing the fat tissue, in women to improve the curves, e.g. of the breast and buttocks, and in men to chisel a more athletic appearance.

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