Cosmetic products


The skin care product range developed in Japan penetrates much deeper into the skin than many other cosmetics. The non-invasive forlle’d based on a low-molecular hyaluronic acid succeeds in what was previously usually only possible by means of injections. This smallest molecular size allows the transport of active ingredients into the underlying dermis. Thus, various effects can be achieved, including the restoration of the skin structure, reduction of wrinkle depth, stabilization of the extracellular dermis, moisturizing and regeneration of the skin from the inside out. The time and light aging of the skin is clearly delayed and an improvement of the skin function and skin structure occurs with immediate effect, which is already visible after the first treatment.

Image Skincare

An innovative American product range that combines unique technologies, scientific findings and an ideal formulation and thus offers skin care, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation at the highest level. The active ingredients of Image Skincare, including antioxidants and vitamins, nourish the skin from the inside, stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid formation and inhibit inflamed skin changes. The development of acne can be permanently reduced.


This is an American dermatological care product series with the ambition and goal to develop skin care products that contribute to the improvement of the skin appearance with an expert team of renowned biochemists, dermatologists and pharmacologists. The care concept consisting of the four steps cleansing, correction, hydrogenation and protection demonstrably helps to improve stressed, aged and diseased skin.

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