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MBR (medical beauty research®)

MBR – medical research® – skin care at the frontier of medicine

Evenly smooth skin, firm, taut contours and a youthful, fresh appearance – to achieve these results over a long period of time is the goal of sophisticated skin care.
MBR – medical beauty research® – skin care on the borderline to medicine starts where normal skin care ends. The orientation towards research and development has led to MBR being a pioneer for the most effective generation of dermocosmetic products. Specially developed product lines and balanced treatment methods are tailored to the individual needs of the skin and offer optimal treatment, protection and lasting care for the skin in every condition. It is part of our philosophy to use only the best active ingredients with the highest possible concentration and optimal skin compatibility. Furthermore, they support the methods of aesthetic plastic medicine, pre- and post-operative.

Unique, indispensable, lasting and individual. With the unique care principle OPEN, PROVIDE AND CLOSE to a significantly improved skin appearance. The simple but effective formula that revitalizes skin.
Beauty that you can buy.

MSB (medical spirit of beauty)

MSB medical spirit of beauty

MSB Cosmeceuticals® is THE intelligent cosmetic brand that takes care of your beauty with a comprehensive, holistic and innovative concept. Through intensive research by leading developers and special, therapeutically active ingredients in special concentrations, MSB Cosmeceuticals® are more effective than conventional cosmetic care products. The latest findings from skin research are always incorporated into the further development. Particularly complex demands of your skin can be medically treated, cured and further transformed at home with individual components of our system care.


From the sea for the skin

The benefits of the sea are fascinating and unlimited; PHYTOMER makes outstanding products from it.
For more than 40 years, the research and development teams have been developing powerful marine ingredients and initiating cosmetics of tomorrow.
Today, PHYTOMER is one of the few companies in the world that uses marine biotechnology to produce new and natural active ingredients using only high-tech and environmentally friendly processes.

PHYTOMER is particularly convincing with a new generation of natural, exclusive and environmentally friendly marine active ingredients: Marine ExoPolySaccharides (EPS), unique and inimitable natural sugars with revolutionary cosmetic effects.

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