Nasal surgery (rhinoplasty, nasal correction, Septorhinoplasty, Nasal reconstruction) is a highly complex procedure which should be performed by a specialist only. The nose represents a characteristic feature of the face consisting of a complex anatomical structure of mucosa, cartilage, bone and skin tissue. Any kind of operative change of the shape should respect the function of the nose, vice versa the function of the nose often can be improved by alignment of the nasal shape.

In the clinic utoquai you will be thoroughly informed about the procedure, potential complications and the feasibility during the consultation (at least 2 meetings before surgery) by our rhinoplasty specialist (PD Dr. med. Farid Rezaeian). Besides aesthetic and functional nasal corrections we are often inquired after botched nose jobs. Both revision surgery of the nose and nasal reconstructions after tumor resection and traumatic injury represent one of the key specialities of our clinic.

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