Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a minimally invasive method that relies on gentle removal of fat tissue by liposuction. After a specific preparation of the fat tissue it can be injected in the target body area. The technique has been described in the 19th century which was “rediscovered” only after one hundred years but has gained widespread acceptance only after development of modern liposuction and infiltration techniques. With autologous fat transfer mainly the face, breast and buttocks can be addressed to augment volume and create a youthful appearance. The advantage compared to fillers (e.g. hyaluronic acid) is that depending on the technique and area to be treated a permanent effect with ingrowth/take of approximately 40-70% of the transplanted fat tissue. In addition to this volumetric effect, fat grafting also shows regenerative properties that can lead to improved skin quality, stimulation of hair growth, improved wound healing and regeneration of radiation damage. With special lipofilling techniques, the quality of scars and hyperpigmented zones (e.g. lower eyelids) can be improved. At Utoquai Clinic you will be counselled by our specialist about the intervention, potential complications and the results to be expected.

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