Ultherapy is a certified ultrasound lifting method from the USA, which tightens fine folds or creases in the face and cleavage without any cuts and scars. As the ultrasound energy penetrates at no less than three different depths of skin, a natural, multi-dimensional lifting effect is produced as a result of stimulated collagen production. Besides being used in the face, ultherapy can also be used to treat different parts of the body. One treatment is generally enough.

When combined with the lipodissolve injection, the results can also be optimised, in particular in the lower half of the face. With advanced ultherapy, the treatment with the lipodissolve injection follows after the regular ultherapy treatment and is injected into the area to be treated several times. The first signs of the effect can be seen after four weeks, at the earliest. The final lifting result is gradually visible within six months.

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