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Tattoos are no longer unusual in today’s society and are accepted for the most part. The body jewelry, which is individual for each wearer, often has a very personal meaning, but can also be chosen for purely aesthetic reasons.

With the increasing number of tattoos, however, the demand for tattoo removal is also growing – for example, if the decoration on the skin is no longer liked at some point, is associated with unpleasant experiences or the engraved motif simply does not meet expectations. In addition to a so-called cover-up – the stitching over of the old tattoo with a new one – there is the possibility of a complete and permanent removal of the color pigments. In clinic utoquai we offer the gentle tattoo removal by laser.

At a Glance

Technical term: tattoo removal laser

Type of anesthesia (anesthetic): none or light anesthetic cream

Duration of the procedure (treatment time): depending on the size of the tattoo

Clinic stay: outpatient

Aftercare: wound dressing in the first days

Fit for social life: after a few days

Fit for work: immediately

Rest period: a few days


For the removal of tattoos, as a rule, the darker the chosen colors, the more successful the laser treatment. Black, brown, green and blue tattoos are treated in our clinic with the ruby laser. For this purpose, we guide the laser applicator over the corresponding tissue area so that the light pulses of the laser penetrate into the dermis (leather skin) and break up the color pigments located there. First results are visible immediately after the treatment, a complete ablation requires, depending on the extent and intensity of the tattoo, several sessions at intervals of about 4 weeks each. During this time, the skin can recover from the treatment and regenerate. We perform the laser treatment on an outpatient basis and usually without anesthesia, as most patients find the procedure quite painless. If desired, it is of course possible to anesthetize the area lightly with an anesthetic cream beforehand.


Thanks to modern technology, laser tattoo removal is a reliable and tissue-friendly method. The laser energy destroys the tattoo pigments without damaging the tissue itself. The risk of side effects as a result of laser therapy is also very low, but in some cases there may be temporary, mild swelling and redness. With careful aftercare of the skin, the formation of scars is also largely eliminated.


Immediately after treatment, patients receive a wound dressing to protect the still irritated skin. The treated area should also be protected from external influences for the next few days. Crusts form, which heal after about a week and must not be rubbed off under any circumstances. Showering is possible again with caution after the first day, sports should be avoided for a few more days. To avoid discoloration of the skin, we recommend avoiding direct sunlight and using a sunscreen for up to one month after the treatment.


The cost of laser tattoo removal can vary greatly depending on the size and intensity of the tattoo and the number of sessions required. We discuss the amount and composition of our fee in advance of the application in a personal consultation. Here we additionally clarify the exact procedure of the treatment.
This is an aesthetically indicated procedure, therefore the costs are not covered by health insurance.

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