Liquid Jawline

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The shape of the face plays a major role in many people’s own ideal of beauty. While men increasingly value a prominent, masculine-looking chin line, most women want elegant and clearly defined facial features that radiate youth and vitality.

However, due to genetics or aging tissue, the transition between neck and chin often becomes blurred. As a result, the jawline is less clearly visible and the face appears rounder. Adjustment of the jawline and chin line can be performed as part of surgical and cosmetic treatments. As an alternative to surgical jawline correction, clinic utoquai offers the method of Liquid Jawline – an injection using hyaluronic acid.

At a Glance

Technical term: Liquid Jawline

Type of anesthesia: none or anesthetic cream

Procedure duration (treatment time): 15-30 minutes

Hospital stay: outpatient

Aftercare: local cooling

Fit for social life: after a few hours

Fit for work: the following day

Rest period: a few days


The procedure is almost painless and is usually performed without anesthesia. If desired, we can apply a light anesthetic ointment before the treatment. The hyaluron preparation is then injected into the tissue via a fine cannula at several points along the chin line. Depending on the number of punctures to be made, the procedure takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes and can be performed on an outpatient basis without a lengthy hospital stay. As a result of the filler, the face is given a clear contour by adding volume to undefined curves or sagging skin. It is also possible to augment a “receding” chin with hyaluron and to combine other lifting methods.


There are usually no risks associated with hyaluronic acid treatment, as it is a natural substance that is produced by the human body itself. We also attach great importance to maintaining hygienic standards during the treatment. Thus we exclude infections. Allergic reactions are also possible only in extremely rare cases. Temporary slight redness or swelling may occur after the treatment, but this will disappear within a very short time.


The procedure is generally painless and does not require long periods of rest. Local cooling is very effective against slight redness or a temporary pinching at the injection site. Patients can return to their normal daily routine and social interactions on the same day. Only sports activities should be avoided for a few days. The patient can also return to work on the following day.

The effect of the Jawline injection lasts for several months, up to a year, and can be repeated as often as desired.


The cost of the Liquid Jawline treatment depends on the effort of the application, the amount of the used preparation as well as the existing findings and the patient’s wishes. We will be happy to discuss the specific composition of the fee with you in a personal consultation. The treatment costs are not covered by most health insurance companies, as it is a purely aesthetic procedure.

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