Eyelid correction

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The tissue in the area of the eyes is many times thinner than in the rest of the face and is therefore particularly affected by age-related loss of elasticity.

Genetic inheritance, excessive UV radiation and an unhealthy lifestyle also lead to the formation of small wrinkles, bags under the lower eyelid or drooping of the upper eyelids (so-called drooping eyelids). The result is a look that is usually perceived as unaesthetic, tired and exhausted. While for a long time only eyelid lifting by means of surgery was considered a permanent solution for the treatment of the eyelids, modern procedures now also offer a surgery-free alternative: eyelid correction with the laser.

At a Glance

Technical term: laser eyelid lift

Type of anesthesia (anesthesia): Local anesthesia

Duration of procedure (treatment time): 30 minutes

Hospital stay: outpatient

Aftercare: Local cooling

Fit for social life: after 2 weeks

Fit for work: after 1 – 2 weeks

Rest period: 1 – 2 weeks


The minor procedure is performed at Clinic Utoquai on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. The exact procedure of the correction depends strongly on the findings and the wishes of the patient. A fractional CO2 laser is used to tighten the eyelid by removing excess skin and stimulating deep-seated collagen to form new skin. Patients are allowed to return home immediately after the treatment, which takes approximately one hour including preparation, procedure and post-treatment. The results of eyelid correction can be seen after the wound has healed. Basically, a much fresher appearance and a more open look can be expected. Unlike many other laser treatments, laser eyelid correction requires only one session.


Laser eyelid lift is a quick and low-risk procedure, provided it is performed by a doctor with qualifications and years of experience. Health risks are not to be expected and wound healing problems during the aftercare are also rare.


Following the eyelid lift, a rest period of about 1-2 weeks should be planned. Patients should not drive themselves after the treatment, but should be picked up by an escort. The area around the eyes may show slight redness and swelling in the first few hours; in this case, accompanying cooling has a positive effect. In order to avoid pigmentation disorders or discoloration of the skin, we recommend applying a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (50+) for at least 3 weeks and wearing sunglasses when outdoors in strong sunshine.


The costs of eyelid correction by laser depend on the extent of the drooping eyelids or bags under the eyes and the resulting expense of the procedure. Of course, we discuss the composition of the fee we charge in advance with our patients in a detailed consultation. If the drooping of the eyelids leads to a restriction of the field of vision, it is possible to apply to the health insurance for reimbursement of the costs.

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