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Over time, the skin produces less and less collagen, which is responsible for its elasticity. As a result, the skin becomes thinner and thinner, and the formation of wrinkles increases. Injections with Sculptra® are an effective way to combat this effect. The biostimulator stimulates the body’s natural collagen synthesis and thus produces a long-lasting effect.

At a Glance

Medical term: Sculptra®

Type of anaesthesia: none or anaesthetic cream

Duration of the procedure (treatment time): 10–30 minutes

Clinic stay: outpatient

Aftercare: none

Back to public: immediately

Back to work: immediately

Recovery period: none

What is Sculptra® and how does it work?

Sculptra® is a biostimulator consisting of poly-L-lactic acid. It stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin and can therefore tighten the connective tissue. Wrinkles can be visibly softened, and the skin can regain its elasticity. Sculptra® differs from traditional fillers such as hyaluronic acid in that it stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen instead of simply filling it. The effect is therefore not immediate. The result can be expected after approx. three to four months and can be described as very natural.

Am I a suitable candidate for the treatment?

Generally, the treatment is suitable for anyone who suffers from the progressive ageing process of the skin. You can tell that a large part of the elasticity has already been lost if you press your facial skin together with your thumb and index finger and it only returns to its normal shape after some time. The treatment supports collagen production without affecting the shape of the face.


Several treatments are usually necessary, but the procedure is the same. Sculptra® is inserted directly under the skin of the desired facial area using very fine needles. Upon request, an anaesthetic cream can be applied.


In contrast to traditional fillers such as hyaluronic acid, the effect is not immediate. The skin needs a few months to produce collagen. No special care is required after the treatment. Avoid applying make-up on the treatment day. After treatment with Sculptra®, slight swelling may occur in the treated area, but it can be easily treated by cooling. You should also protect yourself from direct sunlight until the redness and swelling have subsided.

How much does Sculptra® cost in Zurich?

The costs vary and are based on the required quantity of the preparation. We will discuss the fee during a consultation. This is a purely aesthetic treatment; it is not covered by health insurance.


What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra® is an innovative anti-wrinkle injection that stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen. This method gives the skin vibrancy, firmness, elasticity and volume, leading to natural and long-lasting results.

Is the Sculptra® treatment painful?

The Sculptra® treatment is generally well tolerated. Slight redness, swelling or small bruising may occur, but they are usually short-lived and subside quickly. Upon request, the treatment can also be performed with a local anaesthetic.

How long do the results of the Sculptra® treatment last?

The results of the Sculptra® treatment are long-lasting. Depending on individual factors, they can last up to two years or longer. It is recommended to perform booster treatments as needed to maintain the desired results.

How many Sculptra® treatments are needed to achieve visible results?

The number of required Sculptra® treatments varies depending on individual needs and desired results. Generally, two to three sessions at intervals of four to six weeks are recommended to achieve optimum results. Some time after the first treatment, the first improvements should already be recognisable.

Are there any risks or side effects with the Sculptra® treatment?

The Sculptra® treatment is considered safe and well tolerated. Potential side effects are usually mild and temporary. This includes redness, swelling, bruising or slight pain at the injection site.

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