Removing haemangiomas

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When it comes to laser treatments, many people think primarily of wrinkles and sagging skin as well as hair removal. However, a laser can also be used for various skin changes. This includes spider veins and haemangiomas.

Haemangiomas are patches of skin with a bluish or reddish discolouration. They can be flat, but can also appear raised. They are an annoying blemish for many people who are affected by them. These spots are usually caused by proliferating blood vessels and are often genetic. To remove haemangiomas, we use the VersaPulse laser or sometimes a CO2 laser at the utoquai clinic.

At a Glance

Medical term: VersaPulse laser

Type of anaesthesia: none, local anaesthesia for larger haemangiomas

Duration of the procedure: 10–20 minutes

Clinic stay: outpatient

Follow-up treatment: possibly further sessions

Back to public: immediately

Back to work: immediately

Recovery period: none, but no exercising or sauna for three days

What is the VersaPULSE laser?

The VersaPulse laser is a medical laser that is used to treat various skin and tissue conditions. The special laser technology enables precise and targeted removal or destruction of tissue. Different wavelengths and configuration options allow the treatment to be tailored to the specific needs of the patient and the type of tissue to be treated.

The VersaPulse laser is an efficient treatment option for haemangiomas. The pulsed light of the laser is used for this purpose. The laser energy penetrates through the surface of the skin into the dilated blood vessel and obliterates it.

Who is the method suitable for?

The VersaPulse laser is an effective treatment option for haemangiomas. The laser can also be used for:

  • scar removal or scar appearance improvement
  • pigmentation changes
  • couperose
  • the removal of warts and moles
  • for the treatment of spider veins

The procedure: What you can expect before, during and after the VersaPulse treatment

First, we will schedule a personal consultation. During this appointment, we will also carry out a thorough examination to check whether the VersaPulse treatment is the best option for you. We will take the time to answer your questions and inform you of any potential risks.

Preparation for the treatment

Ideally, you should refrain from taking blood thinners for about a week before your treatment appointment. However, you should definitely discuss the discontinuation of such medication with your doctor. It is also advisable to refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking. If you follow these instructions, you can positively affect the healing process.

The treatment process

An anaesthetic in the area to be treated is usually not necessary, or only if there are larger vessels. After cleaning and disinfecting the skin, the laser handheld unit is guided over the skin along the vessels. The device emits flash-like pulses that atrophy the vessels. A session usually lasts 10 to 20 minutes. A single treatment can often lead to the desired result.

What should I consider after the treatment?

Most patients can return to their usual activities immediately after the treatment. There may be slight redness, but it should subside after half an hour or less. The resulting scabs usually heal within one to two weeks. Make sure you apply a sunscreen product with a high sun protection factor to your skin for the next 14 days. Exercising and sauna should be avoided for three days.

Expectations after the treatment

Depending on the extent of the haemangiomas, one laser session may be sufficient to successfully treat the skin change. If several sessions are necessary, they should be performed every two to four weeks.

The cost of VersaPulse laser treatment

The cost of laser treatment depends on the extent of the haemangiomas and therefore the number of sessions. We will draw up your individual treatment plan in a personal consultation, at which point we can also provide you with detailed information on the costs.

FAQ – frequently asked questions and answers on the removal of haemangiomas


When can the results of laser treatment be seen?

The first results can often be seen immediately after treatment. The scabs that form usually disappear after two weeks or less, at which point the final result should be achieved.

When can laser treatment not be carried out?

In some cases, laser treatment can only be performed with difficulty or not at all. This would be the case with open wounds, skin diseases or certain allergies.

What are the advantages of removing haemangiomas with the VersaPulse laser?

We can use the VersaPulse laser to tackle the root of the growth. It is a gentle and painless procedure that makes it possible to remove the haemangioma completely. The treatment time is short, and patients usually do not have to worry about scarring.

How does the skin react to laser treatment?

Mild swelling and redness may occur after laser treatment. These are natural skin reactions. They usually disappear within a few hours. The scabs should disappear after two weeks or less.

Are follow-up treatments necessary?

In many cases, one treatment is sufficient to achieve a satisfactory result. In cases of more pronounced haemangiomas, another session may be necessary.

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