Mesotherapy: Highly effective nutrient therapy for your hair

clinic utoquai Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy – an almost painless injection treatment into the scalp – can counteract the onset of hair loss and thinning hair with a weakened structure.

The injection method used ensures an even distribution of the vitamins, proteins and growth factors used about 2 millimeters deep in the scalp. The additional supply of vital substances leads to the regeneration of the hair follicles and the improved blood circulation to the activation of growth. The treatment is usually repeated 4-6 times with an interval of 3-6 weeks each time and can be combined with PRP (autologous blood therapy), Rigenera (stem cell therapy), and hair filler.

At a Glance

Technical term: Mesotherapy

Type of anesthesia (anesthesia): none

Duration of the procedure (treatment time): 15-30 minutes

Clinic stay: none

Aftercare: none

Ability to socialize: immediately

Ability to work: immediately

Rest period: none


No anesthesia is necessary for mesotherapy. Several injections are made into the scalp at intervals of about one centimeter. Bald spots or thinning hair in general can be treated. The active ingredients promote both cell growth and tissue microcirculation. As a result, further hair loss is stopped and the remaining hair follicles are replenished. As a result, there is a visible improvement. Depending on the findings (and combination with other treatments), at least 4-6 treatments should be performed, each 3-6 weeks apart.


The active ingredients contained in the ampoule are extremely gentle on the tissue. Risks such as allergic reactions to one of the active ingredients occur only in the rarest of cases and are discussed in the initial consultation.


There are no rest periods for the patient after the application. The ability to socialize is restored immediately and you can also return to work directly. It is possible to wash the hair a few hours after the treatment. Dyeing the hair and permanent waves should be avoided for the time being. The first regrowth of hair can be expected after 2-3 months.


As with any injection treatment, the cost of the application varies greatly depending on the findings, the resulting extent of the minimally invasive procedure and the number of sessions and the material used. All costs incurred will of course be discussed and agreed upon in advance. Since this is a purely aesthetic procedure, it is not covered by most health insurances.

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