Scar-free breast augmentation

Breast augmentation without scars on the breast


As one of the most frequent cosmetic operations worldwide, breast augmentation is not only the focus of public attention, but also of the latest scientific developments. As with any surgical change in appearance, the trend in breast augmentation is towards scar-free.

The technique of breast augmentation with implants using an incision in the armpit was already described in the 1970s. In this region the scar is practically invisible and, above all, there are no scars in the area of the breast. However, due to the new development of implants with coating and the patients’ desire for ever larger breast volumes, it became increasingly difficult to insert the implant through the armpit. The aim of coating (texturing) implants was to reduce the capsular fibrosis rate. Recently, however, further innovations in breast implants have been researched after so-called double capsules, late seromas (accumulations of wound fluid) up to the development of lymphomas (ALCL) have appeared in some textured implants. Only the novel development of implants with a special nanocoating and ergonomic properties (Motiva®) led to a resurrection of the breast augmentation through an incision in the armpit. As a result, any implant size can nowadays be inserted through the armpit. In the clinic utoquai, our specialist for endoscopic breast augmentation via the armpit (PD Dr. med. Farid Rezaeian) will advise you in detail about the feasibility as well as possible complications and risks. We are one of the very few centers in Switzerland to offer this technique of “scar-free” breast augmentation.

At a Glance

Medical Term: Transaxillary breast augmentation, endoscopic breast augmentation

Type of Anesthesia: General Anesthesia

Surgery time: 30-50 minutes

Length of hospital stay: Outpatient or 1 overnight stay

Aftercare: Normal bra with underwire for 6 weeks, chest band for 2-4 weeks

Back to public: After few days

Back to work: After 1 week (depending upon physical strain)

Time of recovery: 6 weeks

Fees: starting at 12.000 CHF

Advantages over other methods

  • Virtually invisible scar in the armpit
  • No scars on the breast
  • Protection of the inframammary fold of the breast (avoid “sagging” of the breast)
  • Significantly shorter operating time (usually less than 30 minutes)
  • More precise preparation of the implant pocket through visual inspection using an endoscope camera
  • Low downtime
  • Bloodless surgery
  • No insertion of drains
  • Reduced risk of post-bleeding
  • No electrocoagulation necessary (no treatment of the tissue with high-frequency current)
  • Same costs as with the other methods despite the costly equipment


The surgery planning is marked while standing before the operation. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a lying position with the arms outstretched. The incision is placed in the area of the armpit in an inconspicuous skin fold in the hair bearing area. The pocket below the muscle (subpectoral in dual plane technique) is then prepared bluntly by means of an endoscope (insertable camera system using keyhole technique) in full visual control via a monitor. The implant, which was previously measured and discussed with the patient, is then inserted through the armpit and finally the incision is sutured again with dissolving sutures. The operation is virtually scar-free and the patient recovers very quickly afterwards, since the transaxillary breast augmentation on both sides does not take more than 30 minutes on average.


The complications after transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation are similar to those of conventional methods. Serious complications are hardly observed. Infections and even less bleeding occur very rarely with this technique. Slight sensory disturbances or touch sensitivities can occur, but disappear again. The use of nanocoated breast implants has significantly reduced the rate of capsular fibrosis (thickening and scarring of the connective tissue around the implant).


The exact total costs for an endoscopic breast augmentation via the armpit will be discussed with your specialist (PD Dr. Farid Rezaeian, MD) within the framework of at least 2 consultations prior to the operation and may vary slightly depending on the surgical effort required. These costs include anaesthesia, surgical fee, material costs (implants, sutures, cover, special instruments, etc.), OR rental (OR care, assistance, etc.) and stay. There will be no further costs in the previously agreed package amount. Despite the high technical effort and the use of highly developed special instruments, the costs of transaxillary breast augmentation are comparable to those of a classical method.

Price for endoscopic breast augmentation: from 12000 CHF

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