Korean V-Lift


The Korean V-Lift is a suitable minimally invasive alternative to a surgical face lift. With this innovative thread lifting method, dissoluble polydiaxonone (PDO) and poly-L lactic acid (PLLA) threads are used to produce temporary tightening without a scalpel and any scars.

All signs of ageing in the face can be treated: from wrinkles to loose skin. Saggy parts of the body, for example the inside of the upper arm, can also be contoured using this method.

Treatment procedure

Smooth or twisted threads or threads with a barbed hook are used depending on the area to be treated. They are placed under the skin after carefully marking the injection site with a special needle without damaging the nerves or blood vessels in the process. Once firmly anchored, the treads lift the tissue and produce an instant lifting effect that lasts up to three years.

The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic and takes between 30 and 45 minutes. You don’t have to plan in any time off. Slight swelling or bruising may occur nevertheless.

How the thread lift works

The threads inserted under the skin stimulate collagen production in the connective tissue which initiates a process similar to a face lift. The bottom half of the face in particular has its youthful profile restored in the cheek and chin area. The threads used dissolve within eight months.

The method is not associated with any side-effects. As there is still the risk of the threads becoming infected, the Korean V-Lift should only be performed by qualified and experienced dermatologists.

Further development of the Korean V-Lift

The Korean V-Lift can also be supplemented by the ultherapy method to boost its effect. With the so-called Korean Powerlift, polydiaxonone (PDO) and poly-L lactic acid (PLLA) threads are inserted under the skin after an ultrasound lifting treatment. As a result, the multi-dimensional, natural lifting effect is increased even more. The results last between nine and twelve months. Both methods can be performed immediately one after the other.

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