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Wrinkle injections have long been an established method of aesthetic skin rejuvenation. In addition to the best-known wrinkle treatments with the active ingredients hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin, injections with the patient’s own fat are also becoming increasingly popular.

The injection of the body’s own fat cells as a natural “filler” into sagging tissue causes a lasting smoothing of wrinkles and provides sunken skin areas with new volume. The treatment is most frequently performed on the face, but other options include the neck, décolleté and the backs of the hands. The procedure is also used to treat sunken cheeks, enlarge lips and reduce dark circles under the eyes.

At a Glance

Technical term: Lipofilling

Type of anesthesia: none or anesthetic cream

Duration of the procedure (treatment time): 60-90 minutes (with fat removal and preparation)

Hospital stay: outpatient

Aftercare: local cooling

Fit for social life: after a few hours

Fit for work: the following day

Rest period: a few days


Unlike other wrinkle injections, the first step in autologous fat treatment is to remove donor fat from an area of the body with sufficient fat reserves by liposuction. We prepare this fat in the laboratory and then inject it directly into the wrinkle to be filled using fine needles. The procedure is extremely painless, but for patients who are very sensitive to pain, we are happy to prepare a mild anesthetic with a special ointment in advance.
The first results can be seen immediately after the autologous fat injection; the body breaks down part of the fat cells again. The remaining autologous fat, on the other hand, remains permanently.


Since the injected substance is the body’s own material, allergic reactions are not to be expected. Other side effects are also very rare; in some cases there is slight, temporary redness or swelling on the skin after the wrinkle treatment. To prevent the risk of infection at the injection sites, makeup should not be used on the day of treatment.


Our patients accept the wrinkle treatment very well and can usually resume their usual daily routine shortly after the application. The ability to work is fully restored the next day, but sports activities should be suspended for a few days. The result is usually permanent, but may be affected by the further aging process.


As with any cosmetic method, the cost of wrinkle injections with autologous fat varies depending on the area to be treated, the complexity of the procedure and the amount of autologous fat removed. Of course, you will receive a concrete cost plan in advance in a personal consultation. Here we will discuss in detail the factors that make up the price of your wrinkle treatment. Most health insurance companies do not cover the costs of autologous fat treatment, as it is generally considered an aesthetic procedure.

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