With the transplantation of the so-called nanofat the harvested microfat is processed in a specific way to obtain only the components of the fat tissue, that are responsible for the regenerative effect.

The aim of the procedure is therefore not to augment volume but to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. The harvested microfat is processed with a sieving-procedure (emulsification and filtering) to extract the nanofat, that contains no more fat cells (adipocytes) but stem cells and growth factors. The nanofat can be injected with very small needles superficially in the skin. It shows a high activity in cases of blemished skin, scars and darkly pigmented areas (lower eyelid)

At a Glance

Medical Term: Nanofat Transfer

Type of Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia

Surgery time: 30-60 minutes

Length of hospital stay: outpatient

Aftercare: Suture removal after 1-2 weeks, special plasters

Back to public: After 1-2 days

Back to work: After 1-2 days

Time of recovery: 2-3 weeks

Fees: starting at 3.500 CHF


It is a total minimally invasive procedure, performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. Obviously nanofat grafting can be combined with any other procedure and is frequently performed in combination with blepharoplasties, face lifts and rhinoplasties. For this procedure, only small punctures are necessary for harvesting and infiltration of the nanofat leaving no scars.


No dressings are needed after transplantation of nanofat and a small band aid that can be removed after a few hours on the donor site. The first few days, mainly in the harvesting area small hematomas and slight swelling can occur but are usually not painful. In the treated areas a slight yellow coloring of the skin can occur and usually passes within the first 24 hours. No compression garment is needed since only small volumes of fat need to be harvested. Serious complications and side effects are very rare.

Postoperative care

The down-time is short with this minimally invasive procedure. Professional activities can be resumed after a few days and work-out/fitness after approximately 2-3 weeks. The regenerative effect of nanofat takes time to show and usually first signs of improvement of the skin quality can be observed after 6-12 weeks. Further improvements can occur for a period of more than 1 year.


As with any cosmetic procedure, costs can vary widely and depend on the extend of the planned procedure in terms of amount of transplanted fat and regions to be treated. The fees are preoperatively discussed and agreed with you. It is a flat rate including the entire procedure and follow-up examinations. There are no unexpected costs for you possible.

In general, most health insurances do not cover cosmetic surgery and fat grafting, which is mainly performed for aesthetic reasons.

Price for nanofat transfer: from 3.500 CHF

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