Hand and foot care


Everyday stress and physical exertion can also be seen on our hands and feet. The result – cracked nails, flaky and dry skin, tense muscle tissue.

They are exposed to great strain every day, yet often receive only a minimum of care. Especially the hands, which are usually not covered by clothes, are always in the focus of attention. An unkempt appearance of skin and nails is quickly noticeable here and can quickly cause a negative impression in the social environment.

Stressed and unkempt hands and feet therefore need special attention from time to time.

At clinic utoquai we offer you the entire spectrum of classic hand and foot care. Through gentle peeling methods using high-quality products, relaxing hand and foot massages as well as care and varnishing of nails you receive a complete treatment. Gellack or OPI Infinity Shine can also be added as an option.

Treatment procedure

The pure manicure and pedicure includes the care of the finger and toenails and the surrounding cuticles. The shapely filing of your nails and the careful removal of cracked cuticles, thickened corneas and deposits gives your hands and feet a clean and well-groomed appearance. For additional glamour we varnish the nails in your desired colour.

During a relaxing massage for hands and/or feet we use soothing and effective lotions and peelings that penetrate deep into the skin and supply the tissue with important vitamins and active substances.


After hand and foot care, the skin feels significantly softer and smoother and looks healthier and more cared for. To maintain the effect of beautiful and healthy hands and feet permanently, we recommend regular care treatments at intervals of 1-2 months.

We would be pleased to advise you in detail in advance about our treatment offers in massage, care as well as manicure and pedicure. Appointments for hand and foot care are available by telephone and online.

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