Neck Lift


As we age, skin around the jawline and neck begins to lose laxity, wrinkle and sag.

Additional factors such as sun damage, neck musculature, flaccid muscles and the excessive accumulation of fat, can further accentuate and create the effect of the face simply sinking into the neckline without a clear contour. A lower rhytidectomy, or neck lift, as it is also more commonly known, is a set of cosmetic procedures that can improve the profile, elegance and form of the neck, and in doing so define and enhance the jawline to frame the face.

Through the removal of excess fat and fatty deposits, combined with the lifting of deeper tissues that include the submusculoaponeurotic system (SMAS). A lower rhytidectomy can provide long lasting natural results that create a more youthful appearance to improve the profile, elegance and form of the neck contour.

At a Glance

Medical Term: Lower Rhytidectomy

Type of Anesthesia: General Anesthesia

Surgery time: 2-3 hours

Length of hospital stay: 1 overnight stay

Aftercare: Suture removal after 1 week, lymphatic drainage

Back to public: After 2-3 weeks

Back to work: After 1-2 weeks (depending upon physical strain)

Time of recovery: 4-6 weeks

Fees: starting at 16.000 CHF

Possibilities of Neck Lift

In creating a more youthful appearance, a neck lift can:

  • Reduce submental fat and “submental fullness” that may result from weight gain, genetics or aging to produce a “Double Chin”.
  • Remove excessive fat and loose skin in the lower face responsible for the creation of jowls.
  • Tighten loose neck skin that is lacking elasticity and reduce the appearance of the “Turkey Neck”.
  • Correct weakened or loose neck muscles that cause the “Neck Wattle” and appearance of “Neck Bands.”
  • Refine the jawline to enhance the chin or bring balance to the face and facial features.
  • Reverse the effects of premature aging, environmental conditions, and damage from the sun, gravity and stress.

Lower Rhytidectomy Procedures

A lower rhytidectomy can consist of several procedures dependent upon the individual nature and characteristics of your neck.

In cases where strong platysmal bands (the vertical muscle bands of the neck) protrude strongly through the skin of the neck (Neck Wattle), a platysmaplasty procedure may be recommended. A platysmaplasty procedure is the removal or tightening and suspension of the neck muscles (the platysma muscle) to reduce the appearance of unwanted “bands” or band lines and sagging skin often seen under the jawline. Surgery tightens the neck muscles both in the midline and the posterior neck, correcting the sagging lose skin to improve the cervicomental angle (overall depth and angularity of the neck).

Liposuction, a procedure in which fat and fat cells are removed from an area or region of the body, and Lipolysis, also known as liposculpture, where laser treatment is used to melt and dissolve fat, may be recommended to remove excess fat or submental fullness and improve contour for optimal results. Because liposuction and lipolysis only treat fat and do not remove excess skin or increase the elasticity of the skin (which is now loose with low laxity), the skin may additionally need to be trimmed and cervicoplasty performed.

Cervicoplasty requires in most cases an incision behind each ear to create a position from which to tighten the skin. Freed skin is trimmed and the reduced skin without tension repositioned. As the skin is pulled upwards and backwards, towards the incisions, the neck is tightened to create a smooth, more defined jawline.


Incidents and complications are extremely rare in neck lift procedures. However, it is to be expected that some degree of initial swelling and bruising to the affected and surrounding area may be experienced. On occasion, patients may experience mild discomfort and pain along the lower face and neck which will normally abate within the first week.

Post-Operative Care

Any dressings will be removed 24 hours following your surgery. Full recovery from neck lift surgery can be expected to be between 2 – 4 weeks post procedure. Whilst the results of lower rhytidectomy are visible almost immediately, some relaxation of tissues can be expected over the first few weeks following surgery during the healing process. Physical exercise and sporting activities should be refrained from during the initial 4 week recovery period to minimise any disturbance and reduce stress on stitches during the initial weeks of healing. Results of lower rhytidectomy are long lasting, provided a stable weight and general fitness routine is maintained.


Neck lift surgery costs depend upon the patient, skin laxity as well as the number of additionally combined operations (fatgrafting, lidsurgery, filler injections and dermabrasions). All surgical fees related to the procedure and consultations are discussed and agreed with you beforehand. In general, most health insurance policies do not cover cosmetic lower rhytidectomy surgery.

Price for neck lift: from 16.000 CHF


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