Laser treatment

Fractional CO2 lasers

The fractional CO2 laser is used with fine lines, sun damage and also with dilated pores and blackheads. The laser produces a shallow but nevertheless effective peeling under local anaesthetic. Between one and five sessions are necessary, depending on the skin condition. As small scabs form on the skin after the treatment, up to seven days time off should be reckoned with. The final result can be expected after about four months.

CO2 laser and Er:YAG laser

Wrinkles in the face, on the neck, cleavage and backs of the hands can be reduced using the special fractional mode of a CO2 laser and the Er:YAG laser. Collagen production is stimulated by removing the top layer of skin. An anaesthetic cream makes the treatment pain free. The scabs from the treatment come off after about five to seven days.

Ruby laser

Pigment and age spots but also tattoos can be removed using the ruby laser. The laser can only destroy black, blue, brown and green colour pigments though. Scabs form after treatment, which heal within a week. Several sessions each four weeks apart are required in most cases to completely remove a tattoo.

VersaPulse laser

Couperose can be treated using the VersaPulse laser. The pulsed light produced thermally obliterates the dilated veins. There may be signs of redness for about 20 minutes afterwards. One treatment is usually enough. It is only in serious cases that up to five sessions are required at intervals of two to four weeks.

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