Permanent Make-Up


You want a daily make-up for every occasion that perfectly flatters your tan and enhances your natural beauty?

On request, we also offer the permanent make-up procedure at the clinic utoquai. Ideally you should inform us in advance by telephone or e-mail.


Before each treatment we conduct a detailed consultation with our patients in order to optimally adjust to your wishes and to discuss the given possibilities. Together we develop the perfect make-up for you!

The procedure of permanent make-up is relatively painless and you will also receive an anaesthetic ointment before you start. In the next step, the colour pigments are introduced into the skin, which can take several hours depending on the area. In contrast to a tattoo, permanent make-up only pricks the colour into the upper layers of the skin and therefore fades after a few years. A refresh is then possible at any time.


As a result of permanent make-up, our patients receive a natural and discreet basic make-up that suits every occasion. No more time-consuming make-up in the morning and make-up removal in the evening, thanks to the absolutely waterproof dye, your appearance is perfect at all times. If required, the permanent make-up can be extended with temporary cosmetics.


After completion of the treatment, the make-up may still look a little too dark or slightly uneven. This is no cause for concern, as small (colour) crusts form, which fall off by themselves after a few days. The final result is usually only visible after up to three weeks.


The skin needs special care after the end of the procedure and should be treated with a light wound and healing ointment. Our patients are directly fit for work again, however sports activities are to be suspended for about 3 days, solarium, sauna and swimming pool visits for at least one week. We also recommend not using additional make-up in the first few days.


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