Penile girth enhancement


The size and shape of the penis are a delicate yet significant concerns for many men. If the appearance of penis is not as desired, this can be a burden for men. Surgical penis girth enhancement involves various procedures that increase the circumference of the penis. Typically, autologous fat tissue or, less frequently, hyaluronic acid products (fillers) are used to increase the volume or circumference of the penis. The filling material is usually injected under the superficial penile fascia. A larger penis circumference can improve sexual function and self-perception for patients and can be achieved with almost invisible scars.

At a Glance

Medical Term: Penile Girth Enhancement with Autologous Fat grafting

Type of Anesthesia: general anesthesia

Surgery time: Approximately 120 minutes

Length of hospital stay: Outpatient

Aftercare: Local cooling

Back to public: After approximately 3 days

Back to work: After approximately 3–4 days (depending on physical exertion)

Back to work: Approximately 4 weeks

Fees: From 7,000 CHF


In an individual consultation where we discuss your desires and expected results. At our clinic, we perform penis girth enhancement using autologous fat transfer under short general anesthesia. This is a gentle procedure where the patient’s own fat tissue (usually from the hip or pubic area) is harvested, purified, and then injected into the penis. No foreign material is used in this process. If persistent fat deposits need to be removed from other areas of the body simultaneously, this can be easily combined with a liposuction. Usually, between 20 and 50 ml of processed adipose tissue are gently introduced between the superficial and deep penile fascia through fine cannulas, leaving almost invisible scars.


The first few days are marked by hematomas and muscle ache-like pain at the harvest site. After the treatment, part of the injected fat tissue will stay in place, and another part is metabolized by the body. This is a normal process, usually balanced out by the surgeon with a slight over-injection during the operation. Depending on the desired result, it might be necessary to repeat the procedure two or three times. Severe complications after autologous fat transfer to the penis are rare. Occasionally, there might be small indurations due to non-metabolized fat tissue. If these do not dissolve and are bothersome, they can be removed through a minor procedure under local anesthesia. Very rarely, narrowing of the foreskin can occur after autologous fat treatment. If a simultaneous circumcision might benefit you, we can advise you on this before the operation.


The complexity of the treatment can vary according to the individual treatment plan. Depending on whether simultaneous penis lengthening, liposuction in other areas of the body, or additional procedures are necessary, the costs for the procedure change The fees are preoperatively discussed and agreed with you. It is a flat rate including the entire procedure and follow-up examinations. There are no unexpected costs for you. Generally, penis enlargement is considered aesthetic and is not covered by health insurance.

Price for Penis Enlargement: From 7,000 CHF

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