PRP therapy

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PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma. It is a natural procedure in which blood is taken from you as in a blood analysis.

After a short preparation time, the part of the blood that contains platelets (thrombocytes) is injected into the scalp in an almost painless technique. The growth factors contained in the platelets stimulate the hair follicles and stimulate their growth. The same principle can be used to regenerate the skin on the face, décolleté and hands and is also called Vampire Lift. Likewise, treatment with the patient’s own blood has become established as a pre- and post-treatment for hair transplants.

At a Glance

Technical term: PRP therapy – autologous blood – Vampire Lift

Type of anesthesia (anesthesia): none

Duration of the procedure (treatment time): 30 to 45 minutes

Hospital stay: outpatient

Aftercare: none

Fit for society: immediately

Fit for work: immediately

Rest period: keine


No anesthesia is necessary for the autologous blood therapy. Several injections are made into the scalp at intervals of about one centimeter. Bald spots or thinning hair in general can be treated. The active ingredients promote both cell growth and tissue microcirculation. This stops further hair loss and replenishes the remaining hair follicles. As a result, there is a visible improvement. Depending on the findings (and combination with other treatments), at least 4-6 treatments should be performed, each 3-6 weeks apart.


Since it is your own tissue, it is one of the safest and best tolerated procedures. Swelling and mild redness may occur locally for a few hours. It is important that live hair follicles are still present so that hair follicles can be regenerated, microcirculation and hair roots can be stimulated to promote hair growth.


There are no rest periods for the patient after the application. The ability to socialize is immediately restored and you can return to work immediately. You can wash your hair a few hours after the treatment. A few days after the first treatment the hair loss decreases, after another three months the hair becomes stronger and thicker. The final result is achieved after about 6-12 months. A refresher treatment is recommended after about six months. This therapy can be repeated regularly to maintain hair growth.


As with any injection treatment, the cost varies depending on the findings, the resulting extent of the procedure and the number of sessions. All costs incurred will of course be discussed and agreed upon in advance. Since this is a purely aesthetic procedure, it is not covered by most health insurances.

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