Cosmetic appointments

(Part of our “General Terms and Conditions”)


Dear Customers

We kindly ask you to observe the following conditions.

Thank you so much.

Book appointments

Please only book appointments for your treatments personally, by telephone or by e-mail.

Cancel or reschedule appointments

If you postpone or cancel an agreed appointment, we must insist on a cancellation at least 48 hours in advance, as your treatment time is reserved for you. Cancellations made less than 48 hours before treatment will be charged at 50%, less than 24 hours at 100%.

Cancellations can only be made personally, by telephone or by e-mail. You can have someone else to fill your appointment if that person receives benefits to the same extent. This avoids the cancellation fee.

Missed appointments

Unexcused and missed appointments will be charged at 100%.

Late appearance

We ask for your understanding that a delay on your side can affect the duration of your treatment. We take the liberty of charging the entire amount, as we have reserved the entire treatment period especially for you.


Hydrafacialfrom 270.00 CHF
Hydrafacial back treatment370 CHF
decolleté plusfrom 100.00 CHF
Facial MBR dermal/epidermal240.00 CHF
Facial MBR Cytoline contour lifting270.00 CHF
MBR Signature Treatment clinic utoquai340.00 CHF
Golden-Eye (eye care)195.00 CHF
MBR Deluxe Facial420.00 CHF
Secret RF fractional microneedling790.00 CHF
lymph drainage135.00 CHF
LPG (endermology) and othersfrom 160.00 CHF
Secret Anti-Agingfrom 790.00 CHF
secret acne (partial)280.00 CHF
Secret scar treatmentfrom 150.00 CHF
Secret radio frequency180.00 CHF
additional treatments face:
dye eyelashesfrom 55.00 CHF
dye eyebrowsfrom 55.00 CHF
dye eyebrows/eyelashesfrom 90.00 CHF
eyebrows correctionfrom 30.00 CHF
LPG Endermology:
LPG body170.00 CHF
LPG face160.00 CHF
LPG breasts90.00 CHF
LPG pre- and post-treatment for liposuction170.00 CHF
body peeling140.00 CHF
algae detox body wrap155.00 CHF
combination body peeling + algae250.00 CHF
p5 body treatment180.00 CHF
Permanent Make-up:
lips1’200.00 CHF
eyebrows1’200.00 CHF
eyelinerfrom 400.00 CHF
nipplefrom 450.00 CHF
hair removal:
facefrom 30.00 CHF
eyebrowsfrom 30.00 CHF
upper lipfrom 30.00 CHF
chin/nose/earsfrom 20.00 CHF
whole legsfrom 110.00 CHF
halfway leg to kneefrom 75.00 CHF
Bikini classicfrom 60.00 CHF
Brazillianfrom 120.00 CHF
arms partiallyfrom 55.00 CHF
whole armsfrom 70.00 CHF
armpitfrom 45.00 CHF
chest/backfrom 80.00 CHF
hand and foot care:
Manicurefrom 89.00 CHF
Pedicurefrom 110.00 CHF
shellac for hands and feetfrom 25.00 CHF

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