Hair removal


With the classic waxing method, wax is applied to the corresponding region of the body and then removed together with the hair.

In the clinic utoquai we can generally free every area of the body from unwanted body hair. Women usually prefer hair removal on their arms, legs, armpits or intimate areas. Waxing on the back, stomach and chest is very popular with men.


Give the hair at least 1-2 weeks to grow before the treatment in order to achieve an optimal hair length for the application. Recently shaved body parts cannot be removed well. Creams and lotions should be dispensed with one day before hair removal. No make-up should be used when removing hair from the face.

Treatment procedure

The heated wax is evenly applied to the areas of the body to be freed of hair. Within a few minutes the paste cools down and hardens. By fast movements we replace them together with the hair underneath. The skin is usually slightly reddened and irritated after the treatment and should be protected from strong UV radiation for at least 24 hours. Cooling creams provide additional care for the skin.


With more familiar waxing, the hair is removed with an applied wax mass. This method is successfully used for the removal of body hair.


Depending on the hair structure, the skin is freed from further hair for up to four weeks after hair removal with wax or sugar paste. Especially in summer, this offers an enormous advantage, as the daily, time-consuming shaving becomes unnecessary. After repetitive treatment the hair grows back less densely, so that a reduced hair growth can be achieved in the long term.

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