Beautiful skin requires
commitment, not a miracle.



"The authentic is the new beauty."

Cosmetics cover a wide range of aesthetic and care treatments and are therefore much more than just the adaptation or restoration of physical beauty. It is not always easy to draw clear boundaries between cosmetics, wellness and dermatology. The areas are often combined, and as a result, more and more cosmetic treatments have beneficial or healing effects in addition to the aspect of physical beauty. The blurring of the boundaries between cosmetics, wellness and dermatology allows a multitude of methods of action which simultaneously affect the aesthetic appearance, alleviate discomfort and trigger relaxation and well-being.

At clinic utoquai we offer you a comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments, from manicure and pedicure to massage therapies, hair removal and permanent make-up to deep-acting and skin rejuvenating treatments. A particularly concise area of cosmetics is the care of the skin. Here, too, the focus is on the interaction between the production of aesthetics and the treatment of possible diseases. Our specialists offer the most precise skin analyses for this purpose, on the one hand to detect pathological changes at an early stage and to design a care concept that is optimally adapted to the skin's appearance. The careful and cautious approach has a positive effect on both body and mind and makes the treatment a wonderful experience.

We have extensive expertise in the field of all-embracing cosmetics and continue to deepen it through intensive further training. We care for the skin using the most modern technological equipment and are at the latest state of development when it comes to sustainably effective products. Our treatment methods guarantee a high quality standard and are specifically tailored to the needs and wishes of our patients in detailed consultation. In this way, the specific energy impulse from our practice resonates as a feeling of well-being in the body. Of course, we always work in compliance with strict hygiene regulations and only use high-quality and skin-compatible care and cosmetic products. In order to exclude possible allergies and other intolerances on the part of our patients, a concrete and honest discussion before the beginning of each treatment is extremely important.