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The fact that our skin ages is a natural and unstoppable process. The older we get, the more visible the aging of the skin and the loss of elasticity in the form of sagging skin and wrinkles.

However, the aging process is genetically predetermined and can be detected and even prevented by means of revolutionary skin analysis applications. Current skin conditions can also be analyzed in detail in our clinic thanks to innovative technology. In this way, treatment and care concepts can be precisely tailored to the actual condition of the skin and risks of skin aging can even be treated prophylactically.

At clinic utoquai, we perform both the revolutionary DNA test with SKINDNA™ and professional skin analysis using the high-resolution UVA camera VISIASCAN®.

At a Glance

Technical term: Skin analysis (with SKINDNA™ or VISIASCAN®).

Procedure duration (treatment time): 10-30 minutes

Clinic stay: outpatient

Aftercare: none

Fit for society: immediately

Fit for work: immediately

Rest period: none


The DNA test is performed on a sample of oral mucosa, which takes less than a minute to collect from the inside of the cheek. In a special laboratory in Australia, 16 genetic markers of the sample are examined and analyzed to determine how the aging process will proceed and what the risks are for impending loss of elasticity. Other damage or impairments to the skin, such as those caused by sun exposure or reduced protection against free radicals, can also be determined. In this way, it is possible to react prophylactically to the future processes of the skin and to take countermeasures. The analysis is carried out within four weeks and, divided into five categories, shows the individual risk factors in three degrees of severity.

Based on this, an individual treatment plan is created, which can be used effectively and preventively.

Skin analysis by means of a high-resolution UVA camera is also an innovative technique, on the basis of which exact and effective treatment and care concepts can be created. The VISIASCAN® device has a fixture on which the chin is supported. During the treatment, the patient should keep his eyes closed. Low-dose, long-wave black light then takes three-dimensional images of the entire face, which can be used to analyze the current condition of the skin. This is done by special software. Pore depth, pigment shifts and redness become visible in images. Based on the results, treatment concepts tailored to the individual needs of your skin can then be determined by our experienced dermatologists.


Skin analysis is usually not a medically necessary treatment and serves to improve aesthetic factors. For this reason, the statutory health insurance companies do not cover these forms of skin analysis. However, prior to the analysis, we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the costs and possibilities of the skin analysis and put together an individual offer for you. Please contact us!

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