The skin is the
mirror of the soul.



As the largest and probably also most sensitive human organ, the skin plays an important and versatile role of all organs. As a so-called envelope organ, it separates the inside from the outside as a protective shield and transmits sensory perceptions such as temperatures or touch directly into the brain via nerve pathways. It also protects us from environmental influences and maintains our inner balance (homeostasis). The metabolism and also the immunology of humans are other important functions of the skin. It has a variety of adaptation mechanisms and is unique in its nature.

Since it is the only organ that is directly and ruthlessly exposed to the environment and its influences every day, its appearance says a lot about what we have expected of our body over the years. This is why the skin is often referred to as the "mirror of the soul". Accordingly, sufficient attention should be paid to the skin to delay and alleviate any signs of aging and to protect it from possible diseases. Medical dermatology is primarily concerned with the diagnosis and therapy of skin diseases, which can have many reasons. Extensive sunbathing without adequate protection, skin injuries of any kind or an excessive occurrence of moles are factors that can significantly increase the risk of skin cancer, inflammation or other diseases. Allergies and other genetic predispositions as well as venous disorders can also cause the skin to lose its natural balance. Skin-related structures such as nails and hair can also be affected by skin diseases. Hair loss, for example, is often an early symptom of a skin condition or skin disease. Most of the almost 3000 different skin diseases are harmless, other very rare but sometimes even fatal. Thanks to advanced methods of early detection and prevention of skin diseases, their chances of recovery are now significantly higher than a few years ago. In addition to medical dermatology, we also offer the entire spectrum of aesthetic dermatology at clinic utoquai. The focus here is on aesthetic corrections of the skin using the latest laser surgery, minimally invasive methods such as wrinkle treatment with Botox® and hyaluronic acid as well as applications of thread lifting (Korean V-Lift), vampire lifting (autoblood therapy), mesotherapy, micro-needling and ultherapy. Find out more about the variety of our dermatological spectrum from our local specialists.