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Natural hyaluronic acid binds water. It is naturally found in our bodies, but as we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases continuously. Therefore, we use Skinboosters to prevent dehydration and the resulting formation of wrinkles and sagging tissue. By supplying the skin with much-needed moisture from within, the Skinboosters contribute to long-lasting improvement in the overall quality of the skin.

At a Glance

Medical term: Skinbooster

Type of anaesthesia: anaesthetic cream upon request

Treatment time: 15–20 minutes

Clinic stay: outpatient

Aftercare: none

Back to public: immediately

Back to work: immediately

Recovery period: none

What is a Skinbooster treatment?

As part of a Skinbooster treatment, soft hyaluronic gel is injected into the skin over a large area to supply it with moisture. These reserves act as a water reservoir that hydrates the skin from the inside out. In contrast to the targeted use of hyaluronic fillers, which plump up specific wrinkle areas on the face, the Skinbooster treatment affects the entire skin structure and improves the overall quality of the skin. The skin not only appears plumper and firmer, but also more radiant and vibrant. The innovative Skinbooster concept is based on stabilised hyaluronic acid and was designed to treat all signs of skin ageing, such as loss of tissue tension and elasticity, wrinkles, photo-ageing and deep acne scars.

For whom is the Skinbooster treatment suitable?

The method is generally suitable for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their skin on the face, neck, décolleté or hands. The treatment is particularly beneficial for people with dry, dull or sagging skin. People who want to counteract the first signs of skin ageing are also suitable candidates for a Skinbooster treatment. Apart from that, people with acne scars, pigmentation disorders or sun-damaged skin can also benefit from the treatment.

Skinbooster treatment procedure

The Skinbooster treatment begins with the selection of a suitable Skinbooster based on the individual skin type and requirements. Some Skinboosters are administered with an effective anaesthetic to make the treatment as painless as possible. Alternatively, an anaesthetic cream can also be applied. A blunt microcannula is used to inject the Skinbooster into the skin, which ensures a virtually pain-free treatment. Another advantage is the practical click system, which enables precise, even delivery and distribution of the Skinbooster. This ensures targeted injection of the Skinbooster to achieve the desired result.


A single session of the Skinbooster treatment usually only takes between 15 and 20 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated. No downtime is expected after the treatment. However, there may be slight redness and swelling in the treatment area, which will subside on its own within a few days. The risk of haematoma formation is minimised due to the small number of injection points during the Skinbooster injection. To reduce swelling, it is advisable to place a cooling pad on the treatment area immediately after the injection. If redness or haematomas do occur, they can be safely covered with make-up after 24 hours. It is important to avoid excessive sunlight and extreme cold until the swelling and redness have completely subsided.

What results can be expected?

During the application, small micro-reservoirs of stabilised hyaluronic acid are injected into the skin. They can bind water in the dermis and thus provide the tissue with deep, long-lasting hydration. This significantly improves the overall skin quality, and the effect can last for up to twelve months.

Is there a risk of side effects during application?

As with any medical treatment, certain risks and side effects can occur with the Skinbooster treatment. Although the hyaluronic acid in the Skinboosters is well tolerated, allergic reactions cannot be completely ruled out. Temporary redness, swelling or bruising may also occur at the injection site. To minimise the risk of adverse reactions, it is important to have the treatment performed by a qualified dermatologist and to clarify potential allergic reactions or intolerances in advance.

FAQ – frequently asked questions and answers about Skinbooster

How many treatments are necessary?

The number of required Skinbooster treatments depends on various factors, such as the individual skin condition and the desired results. Usually, a series of two to three treatments at four-week intervals is recommended to achieve optimum results. After the first treatment, a refresher treatment after six months may be useful to maintain the result.

Does the Skinbooster treatment produce a natural look?

The Skinbooster treatment is known for its natural effect and a result that looks very natural. Moisture reserves are placed under the skin, where they are slowly broken down over several months. These reserves act as water reservoirs and lead to a holistic improvement in skin quality through deep hydration. The result is a vibrant, radiant look that appears very natural.

Is the method painful?

Treatment with the Skinbooster is generally well tolerated and virtually painless. The products contain a local anaesthetic that makes the treatment as comfortable as possible. Alternatively, an anaesthetic cream can be applied to numb the treatment area.

Who should not use Skinbooster?

There are some groups of people who should be excluded from the Skinbooster treatment. This includes pregnant or breastfeeding women and people suffering from acute inflammation, infections or skin diseases in the treatment area. People who are allergic to any of the ingredients contained in the Skinbooster should also avoid the treatment.

Can Skinbooster be combined with other aesthetic treatments?

Treatments with other aesthetic treatments are possible. Synergistic effects can particularly be achieved in combination with a hyaluronic filler or peels, which further improve the result. However, the exact combination and sequence of treatments depends on the patient’s individual requirements and skin condition.

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