Liquid lift


Age-related changes in the face occur in everyone at some point. In addition to the formation of wrinkles, including on the forehead, around the eyes, on the nose or at the corners of the mouth, the natural volume also continues to decrease.

Contours are less pronounced and existing fatty tissue sinks downward. So-called sagging cheeks develop, which give the face an exhausted, aged expression. Liquid lifting is a minimally invasive method of adding volume to the cheeks and chin area. The procedure is also known as “facelift without surgery”. In contrast to conventional surgery, the Liquid Lift is a gentle, virtually painless and low-risk alternative. The principle of the treatment is to fill the sagging regions with an injected filler such as hyaluronic acid.

At a Glance

Technical term: Liquid lift, volume treatment

Type of anesthesia (anesthetic): none or anesthetic cream

Procedure duration (treatment time): 30 minutes

Hospital stay: outpatient

Aftercare: local cooling

Fit for social life: after a few hours

Fit for work: the following day

Rest period: a few days


The majority of our patients experience the surgery-free lifting as hardly painful or not at all. Only a short pinch is felt during the injection with a fine needle. However, patients who are particularly sensitive to pain can request a light anesthetic ointment to be applied to the treatment area prior to the procedure, or the area can be anesthetized locally with a syringe.
In the course of the treatment, the filler is injected directly into the sagging tissue using fine cannulas to fill it up. The face is thus given new volume, collagen production is stimulated again and the connective tissue is moisturized. Sagging, drooping skin undergoes tightening so that clear contours can be seen again and the face is given a fresher appearance.
The duration of the treatment is approximately 30 minutes, depending on the extent of volume loss and the patient’s requirements. Since it is a minimally invasive procedure that is gentle on the skin, no hospital stay is necessary. Nevertheless, treatment should only be performed by experienced specialists.


The filler substances used at clinic utoquai are dermatologically tested and are inserted into the skin in accordance with the strictest hygiene regulations. As a result, and thanks to the absence of incisions, the method involves virtually no risks. An allergic reaction to the filler occurs extremely rarely and can be virtually ruled out by discussing existing allergies in the preceding consultation.
If necessary, temporary slight swelling or redness may occur after the Liquid Facelift. Bruises are rare.


As a rule, there are no restrictions for our patients after a Liquid Lift. This means that everyday activities can be resumed shortly after the procedure. However, we recommend not to do any sports for 2 days and to refrain from sauna visits. Provided that there is no redness, the ability to socialize is again Swelling and redness can be well controlled by accompanying local cooling.
The natural result of lifting without surgery lasts approximately one year until the filler is broken down by the body. A resurfacing is possible at any time.


The cost of a Liquid Lift depends on the extent of the loss of elasticity and volume, as well as the desired result. We discuss the specific cost breakdown in a personal consultation. Here we also answer any questions about the procedure and aftercare of the application. This provides our patients with absolute planning security.
Most health insurance companies do not cover the treatment, as the Liquid Lift is considered a purely aesthetic procedure.

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