Medical Dermatology


Similar to rosacea, acne is a disease of the sebaceous gland and hair follicles, in which, often caused by the body’s own bacteria, inflammation occurs in the pores and sebaceous glands. The development of blackheads (comedones) is particularly unpleasant. The genetic disposition is the main cause, which can lead to acne, especially in the face, neck and the upper part of the back and chest. In addition, influences such as UV radiation, hormones, cosmetics and gastrointestinal diseases can have a negative effect. The inflammation of the pores, which normally occurs in 3 stages, is initially superficially limited and appears as pus vesicles on the skin surface and can progress to a deep-seated inflammation with painful lumps under the skin in the last stage.

For an effective and successful treatment of acne, close cooperation between dermatologists, medical cosmeticians and the patient himself must be guaranteed. During the consultation at clinic utoquai, the exact type of acne is first diagnosed on the basis of a detailed anamnesis and then an individual treatment plan including drug therapy is determined. The targeted manual acne therapy, in which experienced cosmeticians prepare the skin specifically for the subsequent drug treatment, makes a significantly increased therapeutic success possible. In addition, our cosmetic department will recommend targeted care of your skin in order to avoid unusable, oily creams as far as possible as an acne patient. The patient should also avoid squeezing the pimples on his own so as not to interfere with the therapy.

Skin tumors

Changes in the skin can be benign and malignant skin tumors. The entire spectrum of these tumors ranges from simple fibromas and liver spots (nevus) to white (basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma) and black skin cancer (melanoma). Through the close cooperation between dermatology and plastic surgery, clinic utoquai offers you an unique dermatoplastic concept from diagnosis to removal and, if necessary, reconstructive surgery. Based on an initial consultation, the patient is presented a complete treatment procedure, which guarantees not only a successful therapy of the tumor, but also an aesthetically high-quality treatment and careful aftercare. In addition, the clinic utoquai is in close contact with numerous external dermatologists with whom a fruitful cooperation has existed for years. The removal of the smallest skin change up to the complete reconstruction of an entire nose, for example, can be carried out by our doctors. Less invasive methods of tumor surgery such as laser therapy or drug treatments can also be sufficient in some cases.

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